This Spring when it rains, it pours and the Gananoque River ROARS!

I’m not sure if March came in like a lion this year but down by the dam May has. The river ROARS. Like so many rivers in Ontario this Spring, the rain is causing the Gananoque River to rise, and rush towards Lake Ontario. This has made for interesting river watching, ripples and swirls and a fascinating range of water colours.

I recently saw the setting sun catching the water as it rushed over the open dam turning it a lovely green tinted yellow, unfortunately I was without a camera. I did earlier that sunny day get some photos of the water rushing over the dam, framed by green shore with spring leafed birches and delightfully decorated Adirondack chairs. (feature photo)

Taking interesting pictures of Gananoque to challenge people to stop and look was the original purpose of the Gananoque Walking facebook page.  It has grown thanks to the interest and support of Gananoque.  A new addition this year are my heritage tours.

Looking for interesting facts about the river has been one of the fun bits of research I have gotten to do. I have seen a copy of an early survey of the Gananoque river. I have learned about how eel ladders and why one was installed at the dam. I have learned that many believe the river had another branch or was in a different location than it is now.

I look forward to more walks along the river shared and solo. I wonder if the river will be a lamb at the end of May?

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