Trains, trains, trains (and gardens).

I have thoroughly enjoyed putting together the Susan Push 30 minute tour and I thought you might enjoy hearing the back story to it.

When I first started my personal journey through the interesting heritage of Gananoque I wanted a focal point. It didn’t take me long to realize that the train history of the town would also give me something to chatter to my Dad about. When I was little I was an enthusiastic spectator to his interest in model trains and train history.  For the life of me I couldn’t and still can’t remember what gauge he collected. I do remember that “G” gauge is for garden railways, one of the three ways  I know of that trains and gardens combine. For two more join me one one of the Susan Push tours.

Peter Facey [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
While I was developing an interest in Thousand Island Railway, Dad was delving deeply into the Bay of Quinte Railway’s history. For a while it seemed our interests had diverged and then we realized we were both researching parts of the same empire. That of the Rathbuns of Deseronto. Much of his research and knowledge of that has been helpful to me understanding the early history of the 111 years of Gananoque Railway history.


susan push tour

Come take a tour, meet me and talk trains (and more)!

“A 30 minute walk following some of the route of Susan Push Engine 500 of the Thousand Islands Railway from midtown to the waterfront. You’ll hear about the rail era in Gananoque, heritage buildings along the route, a few of the interesting people and businesses of Gananoque’s past and present.”

Tour starts from the Gananoque Visitor Centre on King St,
Friday 11am by donation to the Susan Push Restoration fund.
Saturday 12pm $10/person
Sunday 12pm $10/person



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