Railway Cars

Trains aren’t something we think about much any more, not so 100 years ago. Trains fascinated people then. They were something new and something that made life better for many. I grew up with a father who loved trains, full sized and models, something he often spent time sharing with me. I knew a fair bit about trains, I know more now after researching for the 30 minute Susan Push tour. Some of this trivia was new to me and I just have to share it.

How many kinds of railway cars can you think of?  Passenger and freight come to mind quickly. They are just the two main types of railway cars, with many specialized types. There’s the third often forgotten type, all the maintenance cars.

Think a little harder about passenger cars and modern train riders will come up with cafe car, bar car, baggage car maybe observation car  Some people might think up dining car or sleeping car. But how many people know what a combine car is, or that there was a “Colonists Car” that took settlers to the prairies? The “Colonist Car” had hard wooden benches for sitting with hard wooden berths for sleeping above, where our luggage compartments are now. These cars had a wood burning stove at each end providing the only heat in winter, where travellers cooked their food. Take a Susan Push tour and you’ll learn what a combine car is.


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