The “RAIL to TRAIL” bridge.

The first bridge in this location was built in 1883 to serve the Thousand Island Railway. After the last freight train ran in 1995 the track was removed and the railbed and bridges became the base for a system of walking trails.  (Trails map)
This old railway trestle bridge is featured in many Gananoque railway pictures. In those days it had no railings. The “Rail to Trail” bridge is a great spot to watch the world go by. A great mix of urban and natural sights, located in a picturesque spot just above the dam.

From the bridge you should be able to see all of these things.
~ the traffic headed east and west on King St through the town ~
~ the spire of Christ Church ~
~ the dam and maybe the 4 gears for adjusting the water flow ~

If you’re lucky you might also see these things.
~ someone fishing from the bridge ~
~ kayaks, canoes, paddle boards ~
~ turtles basking in the sun ~


On a very good day you could see one or more of these things.
~ the beaver, identifiable by its wide tail~
~ the muskrat, smaller cousin of the beaver with a “rat” tail ~
~ the river otter, identifiable by its sleek fur and slim tail  ~

Want to know more? Gananoque Heritage Walking Tours will open your eyes to nature, history and architecture.



  1. I wandered up to this bridge to see how many of these things I could see. I saw, traffic on the King St Bridge, the Spire of Christ Church, the gears on the dam, the gears on the dam, someone kayaking, and turtles. I wonder what kind I saw and what kind are the ones pictured? Mine had orange red on it, which I don’t see in the picture.


    1. What you saw would have been a painted turtle if it had red/orange. The turtles in the picture are a snapping turtle on the left and a map turtle on the right. Watch for an upcoming post about “Ontario’s Turtles”


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