Mayor A. L. Lott.

There were 3 gaps in the information I gathered from the mayor’s pictures at Town Hall. I had two mayors with no dates, and one with no dates and no name.  I have found some information on one of the mayors with no dates!

One of the three plaques on the King St Bridge, gave me his first name, Aubrey, and a year, 1930.


So then I went looking at census data and such and found more about Aubrey Lionel Lott.  
– Born on April 27, 1889, in Belleville, Ontario, to William and Josephine. Aubrey was the youngest of 4 children.
– He married Alma Grace Morden on July 10, 1912, in his hometown. It appears they did not have any children.
 -In 1921 Aubrey was a married accountant, living with his wife on John St, South Ward Gananoque.
 -By 1940, Aubrey and Alma were living at 3 Beulah Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They were still living there in 1958.
– In 1959, at age of 70, he died in Belleville, Ontario.
– Aubrey and Alma are buried in the Bellville Cemetery.




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