Bluff Park, a see the Islands from shore location.

Bluff Park is quite correctly described on the town website as “One of Gananoque’s hidden treasures. A perfect vantage point view the islands.” It is also a not to be missed natural treasure in the town.


The east side of Bluff Park borders on the 17 acres of untouched natural splendor of Ferncliffe the former summer home of Agnes Maule Machar. She was designated a person of national historic significance in 2015 as an early naturalist and voice for social reform. Ferncliffe was also proposed for a historic designation under the Ontario Heritage Act in 2017.

Bluff Park is certainly one of the best places to get great pictures of the Islands.  Photogenic Sisters Island features in many great pictures of the St Lawrence River in all seasons from Bluff Park. One of my favorite collections is found here: A Picture Window onto Paradise

Sisters Island, White Calf Islands can be readily identified with a little persistence and the help of a good map. To my amusement I discovered the boat in the picture below shows in the google maps satellite view of the area.
IMG_2765In the seasons when the leaves are gone one can spy other islands as well up and down river through the branches. Cherry and Pike, Ormiston, McDonald and possibly others.


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