Halstead Bay, a see the Islands from shore location.

Approximately 7 km from Gananoque on the 1000 Island Parkway you will find Halstead Bay.  The views from here are splendid and varied. Park by the western entrance, follow the path down past the oak trees,

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and you’ll find a limestone and granite outcropping that slopes to the River’s edge.

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Ski-doos and ice fishermen use this area to access to the Lake. Look closely in the second picture and you can make out an ice fishing hut.



Park at the eastern end of the lane and you’ll see several islands. Looking west you can possibly identify Hogg, Perch, Dobbs and Gordon Islands. Looking South you can possibly identify Curtis, Hickory and Stave Islands.



Halstead Bay is named for James Halstead one of the settlers who received a grant of crown land and cleared farmsteads on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River between 1790-1820. He married his first wife Margaret McNeil in 1803. Her family had also settled in the area. Life was not easy, the lands had been considered too rocky and swampy for farming when the area was first surveyed in 1783. By 1812 Margaret had died leaving James a widower with two daughters and James had married Lydia Stratton. They had four children born on the Halstead Bay homestead. By 1829 James had sold the land and moved to Norfolk County, Ontario where they had two more children.


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