Gananoque Inn

The Gananoque Inn at 550 Stone St, South, is #16 on the Town of Gananoque’s self guided tour. Its description there reads:
“Built in 1860 by George Burrows, the original purpose of this building was to house the Gananoque Carriage Works but it was short lived. In 1896 it was converted to a hotel and today is known as the Gananoque Inn. This marked one of the earliest conversions of a manufacturing space to a hotel space in Canada .” (Copies of the tour are available at the Gananoque and 1000 Island Visitor Centre, 10 King East.)

Some additional interesting facts about the Gananoque Inn: 
– Many vintage postcards of Gananoque like the one featured with this post are of the Gananoque Inn.
– In the first months of 1942 the Gananoque Inn was one of the training locations for the newly formed Canadian Women’s Army Corps.


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