Looking for Beattie(s)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of exploring some of the area that was the South Lake settlement. I was with visitors from Vancouver seeking to get in touch with some roots of fading family history. We knew that a whole generation of Beattie’s had been born while John Henry Beattie and Mariah Conner lived on a farm in the area. Those children, William, Annie, James, Luke, Sarah, Samuel, James, John, Isabella and Maria seem to have formed close bonds in the community. Groups including these children from South Lake were drawn to other expanding settlements. In Ontario we find they lived in  Gananoque, Kingston, Kent County.  A large group also turns up farming in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, many eventually continuing to Vancouver.

A roundabout and scenic drive found us finally at Pine Grove Cemetery, our first goal. We easily found the memorial of John Henry and Maria which is still in good condition.

We took lots of pictures. I discovered Rev Boston and some family are buried here. I knew of them, my maiden name is Boston, but we are unlikely related.

As always with research there are things one misses. Two of the headstones either hidden in the lilac bush clumps or tumbled on the ground are those of Maria Conner’s parents. I also discover that there is a Pine Grove Methodist Church connected to the cemetery we should have visited. Another trip is in order, obviously.


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