Swing Bridge

The Swing Bridge on Water St between Stone St and Mill St, is #15 on the Town of Gananoque’s self guided tour. Its description there reads:
“Built in 1894, the Swing Bridge was used to enable the carriage company to roll their stock over to the 1000 Islands Railway cars to be loaded for shipment and also to permit barges to bring coal to the factories along the Gananoque River. It was granted a heritage designation in 2013.” (Copies of the tour are available at the Gananoque and 1000 Island Visitor Centre, 10 King East.)

Some additional interesting facts about the Swing Bridge: 
– The bridge was also used as a railway bridge to service industry on the east side of the Gananoque River.
– The bridge still operates with its original hand-cranked mechanism. It takes two people about 20 minutes to open the bridge.
– The bridge was opened mostly at night to avoid disruption of daytime use of the bridge.
– The bridge is rarely opened now, sometimes years go by between the times.

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