A Hint o’ Ghosts – Gananoque

Gananoque Walking is pleased to announce the release the first in what is likely going to be a series of this genre, a zine. They will be available at local a local business or two for $6.

Why a zine? Because putting together this self guided tour of 13 Gananoque ghost story locations the storyteller, researcher and artist had to find a way to combine a lots of great ideas. The result was quite messy at first. Then an artist friend pointed out it sounded like it was becoming a zine.

This is the summary of the relevant information on zines I found.
– A zine is a small non-professional artistic publication.
– Zines are not out to make a profit but rather to fill some small niche need.
– Zines are made out of interest and passion to add some unheard voice to the world.
– Zines are often self-published by the writer/artist/creator.
– Zines are typically made using collage techniques and photocopied.


To pre-order your your $5 copy contact Gananoque Walking.



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