The Lockup (a.k.a Banana Splitz)

The Lockup at 72 Stone St, South is #24 on the Town of Gananoque’s self guided tour. Its description there reads:
“The 72 Stone St. building was erected in 1861 by Thomas Anderson. The town purchased it and used it as a jail from 1903 to 1911. It has served variously as a hardware store, plumbing supply store, and a hairdressing salon. It now functions as an ice cream parlour.” (Copies of the tour are available at the Gananoque and 1000 Island Visitor Centre, 10 King East.)

Some additional interesting facts about the Lockup:
– Currently this location is “Banana Splitz” open summers.
– In the winter pop up stores have appeared, a bakery most recently.
– The Lockup is one of 11 locations with ghost stories you will find on our Ghostly Gananoque page.

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