6 Water Street

This mural is on the south wall of the JW King Water Filtration Plant. It is a lasting tribute to a man whose rich legacy of community service, spanning over 50 years, can be truly said to have made Gananoque a better place to live. His years on the Gan PUC were very important to him as was able to act on his concerns about what could happen to the town if the water and sewer infrastructure was not improved and modernized. I think he’d approve of this 2018 mural. It is an interactive tool that allows people to see and learn about source water protection. Source water protection is about making sure our water supply is clean. Since the drinking water disaster at Walkerton in 2000, the Province of Ontario, conservation authorities and municipalities have worked in partnership to protect sources of municipal drinking water. This is an excellent example of the public education and awareness part of this program. Gananoque town staff thought outside the box, not wanting to spend grant money on a brochure that would result in paper waste. It is fitting that that the mural is on our water treatment plant near the intake for the water system, part of the infrastructure that was upgraded in 1994 during JW King’s time on Gan PUC.


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