279 King Street West

279 King Street West, is #7 on the Town of Gananoque’s self guided tour. Its description there reads:
“This majestic Italianate dwelling was built in the late 1860’s by William Byers, the town’s first mayor. It later became a tourist home, a dining facility, and a high-end B&B. In 2014-15 it was converted into King West apartments.”
(Copies of the tour are available at the Gananoque and 1000 Island Visitor Centre, 10 King East.)

Some additional interesting facts about this building:
– The original 1873 architectural drawings are in the Queen’s archives.
– This home was originally called Glenwood. It has also been known as the Byers House, Grand McCammon (restaurant), Victoria Rose (B&B).
– William Byers was not living in this house while he was mayor.
– Wilfred Bulloch third owner of the Byers House raised prize winning chickens in a two story poultry house on the property.

Want to know more about about the Byers House?
click here to read one of the articles about the history of the building published during its time as a high end B&B “The Victoria Rose”.

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