About Sherry your guide and why walking tours.

I’ve always loved the 1000 Island area. As a child my family “summered” north of Kingston. We did all the usual things explored the woods, spent hours in and on the water. One of those summers I discovered historical fiction (and romances). I became fascinated with how people lived and did daily things before modern times.

I raised my own family in Kingston and the many museums were year round spots for fun outings. (Did you know that Kingston has 20+ museums?) I ran a backpackers hostel for a few years then moved to Gananoque in 2011. I wanted that small town feeling, while staying in the 1000 Island area.

I have been lucky that a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for the little unexpected sights of a day continue to bring me joy at 60. A slightly mischievous part of me loves to challenge others to stop and ask how they missed seeing “that”. Whatever “that” might be. One day it was a weather vane. A picture of the one with the dog on top of the Gananoque library. Someone I knew wanted the picture to challenge some friends and Gananoque Walking the facebook page was born to make that happen.

Then I, myself was challenged to look at something, 21 King St. That started my researches into the history of Gananoque. The more I researched the more questions and stories I had. The more I had, the more I wanted to share them and Heritage Walks was born.